MCI Coaches  

MCI Coaches in North America
In 1928 Harry Zoltok and Fred Sicinski started an auto body repair workshop in Winnipeg. Canada. On April 9, 1932 they incorporated their company as "Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works Ltd.". In 1933 the first coach body was built on a Packard chassis and in 1937 the first complete coach was constructed for Grey Goose Bus Lines in Winnipeg. By the outbreak of world war two production had concentrated on coach building. On January 7, 1941, the company name was changed to Motor Coach Industries, or MCI. Bus production was halted during the war, though one trolley coach was built in 1942. Production resumed after the war and at the end of the 1940's the "Courrier" rear engined coach range was introduced. At the same time the company expanded into other fields, such as pole line hardware and road machinery...  
Contactours MCI MC-9 in San Diego, California
San Diego MC-9
Seattle Gray Line MCI MC-9 in Seattle, WA
Seattle MC-9
MCI Courier Coach
MCI MC-2 coach
Peter Pan MCI MC 5-C in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield Challenger
Veracuba MCI MC-5B in Cuba
Holguin Challenger
Guate ABX MCI MC-5A coach in Nicaragua
Managua Challenger
C & J Trailways MCI MC-5C in Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth Challenger
Rapidos Zaculeu MCI MC-5 in Guatamala
Guatamala City Challenger
MCI MC-5C in Grand Canyon Village, Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Challenger
Atlas MCI MC5a in Carcross, Yukon
Carcross MC5
NIU MCI MC5B in Dekalb, Illinois
Dekalb MC5
Greyhound MCI MC-6 coach
Autobus L.P.R., Inc. MCI MC-7 in Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Challenger
MCI MC-7 in New York City, New York
New York City
Blue Bird MCI MC-8 in Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Crusader
Imperial Travel MCI in Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo Crusader
Gray Lines MCI MC8 in New York City
New York City Crusader
Gray Line MCI MC-9 in New York City
New York City Crusader II
Carolina Trailways MCI MC-9 in Atlanta, Ga.
Atlanta Crusader II
Pawtuxet Valley TMC MC-9 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls Crusader II
Greyhound MCI MC-9 in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Crusader II
Budget Tours MCI MC-9 in Albany, New York
Albany Crusader II
Robinson Coach MCI MC9 in Chicago, Illinois
Chiacgo Crusader II
Overland Tours MCI MC-9 (updated) in Yorktown, Indiana
Daleville Crusader II
Greyhound MCI MC-12 coach
Tulsa MC-12
Academy MCI MC-9 in New York City
New York City Crusader II
Academy MCI 96A3 in New York City
New York City
Silver Coach MCI MC9 in Gurnee, Illinois
Gurnee Crusader II
Academy MCI 102C3 in Perth AMboy, New Jersey
Perth Amboy C
Ansett Pioneer MCI MC8 in Australia
Melbourne MC8
2001 NJ Transit MCI Coach in Philadelphia
Pace MCI D4000 in Oak Brook, Illinois
Oak Brook
GO Transit MCI 102A2 in Hamilton, Ontario
Greyhound MCI 102A3 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls A
Bee-Lines MCI 102A2 in New York City
New York City A
Gray Lines MCI 102A2 sightseeing in New York City
New York City A
Dixon-Meyers MCI 102A3 in Gurnee, Illinois
Gurnee A
United Limo MCI 102A3 in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago A
Purdue Univ. MCI 96A3 in Windfall, Indiana
Windfall A
1989 King Ward MCI 102A3 in Mystic, Ct.
Mystic A
1988 Tri-State MCI 102A3 in Merrillville, Indiana
Merrillville A
CoachUSA MCI 102A2 in New York City
New York City A
Jefferson Lines MCI 102A3
Greenwood A
Peter Pan MCI 102A3 in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield A
Midwest Motorcoach MCI 102B3 in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago B
Gulf Coast MCI 102C3 in New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans C
Greyhound Canada MCI 102C3
Buffalo C
Ozark Charter MCI 102C3 in Greenwood, Arkansas
Greenwood C
Mears MCI 102C3
Key West C
CoachUSA MCI 102DL3 in Branson, Missouri
Branson D
Academy MCI D4000 in Long Branch, New Jersey
Long Branch D
GO Transit MCI D4500 in Mississauga, Ontario
Mississauga D
Wiersema MCI 102DL3 in Gurnee, Illinois
Gurnee D
Greyhound MCI 102DL3 in Rensselaer, Indiana
Rensselaer D
Madden Cruiser MCI 102DL3 in Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Madden Cruiser
Greyhound MCI 102D3 in Indiana
South Bend D
Illini Swallow MCI 102DL3 in Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis D
CoachCanada MCI 102DL3 in Windsor, Ontario
Windsor D
1998 RTD MCI 102DL3 in Denver
Denver D
Jones MCI 102DL3 in New Buffalo, Michigan
New Buffalo D
King of the Road MCI 102D3 in Topeka, Kansas
Topeka D
Tri-State Tours MCI 102DL3 in London, Ontario
London D
Houston Metro MCI D4500 Suburban
Houston D
Sound Transit MCI D commuter coach in Seattle, WA
Seattle D
Sundance Stage MCI D Series coach in San Diego
San Diego D
GO Transit MCI D4505 in Toronto
Toronto D
CoachUSA MCI D4505 in Toronto
Toronto D
Discovery Coach MCI E4500 in Gurnee, Illinois
Gurnee Renaissance
Transtario MCI 102E3 in St. Petersburg, Fla.
St. Petersburg E
CoachCanada MCI 103E3 in Windsor, Ontario
Windsor Renaissance
CYR MCI E4500 in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield Renaissance
Lakefront MCI E4500 in Toledo, Ohio
Toledo Renaissance
CoachUSA (Wisconsin) MCI 102E3 in Merrillville, Indiana
Merrillville Renaissance
CoachUSA/Arrow MCI 102E3 in Boston, Mass.
Boston Renaissance
MCI F3500 Demonstrator in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield F
Bellair Charters MCI F3500 in Bellingham, WA
Bellingham F
Bellair Charters MCI F3500 in Bellingham, WA
Bellingham F
2001 Greyhound MCI G4500 in Indianapolis
Indianapolis G
Greyhound MCI G4500 in Dallas, Texas
Dallas G
2002 Rockford-O'Hare MCI G4500 in Rockford, Illinois
Rockford G
2001 Peter Pan MCI J4500
Springfield J
2001 MCI J4500 in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield J
Mayes MCI J4500
Kokomo J
Global Transportation MCI J4500 in San Diego
San Diego J
Crown MCI J4500 in Keystone, SD
Keystone J4500
MCI MC-9 in Canton, China
Canton Crusader II