African Goelette

The French introduced in their colonies in Africa the Renault Goelette during the 1950s. After the Renault truck range had been taken over by SAVIEM in 1965, the SAVIEM SG2 (Super Goelette 2) was introduced. After SAVIEM was taken over by Renault in 1980, this vehicle continued as the Renault SG2. In the 1990s AVIA of the Czech Republic started producing the SG2 under license from Renault. Thousands of these SG2 can be found in former French West Africa and Madagascar. Some older Goelette still exist Madagascar and Vietnam.

While these "taxi-brousse" (bush-taxis) are white in Madagascar and Niger, they are always yellow in Cameroon and blue/white/orange in Senegal. The pictures show several SG2 in Senegal, Cameroon and Madagascar and two older Goelette in Madagascar. On one picture can also be seen a Peugeot 404 pickup and an Isuzu-Kitamura bus.

Chassis Manufacturer:


Photo Location:

Cameroon, Senegal, Madagascar

Photo Date:

December, 1991

Photo Provided By:

John Veerkamp

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